Members and their Areas of Interest

Principal Instructor 
Larry Tom: MASHS Founder and Administrator; Instructor in German Longsword, Medieval Sword and Buckler, Italian Rapier, French Smallsword, Italian Dueling Saber, Dueling Sword 


Brian Ames: German Longsword 

Jay Glenn: French Smallsword

Airrion Scott: Italian Rapier

In Memoriam: Victor Markland (8/21/1958 - 5/3/2020).  Long standing member, brother at arms, and smallsword instructor at MASHS.  Founder, organizer, and instructor of the American Smallsword Symposium.  Historian, scholar, and accomplished author.  Salute!


Brian Ames: Longsword, Dueling Saber, Dueling Sword 
Sara Anderson: Rapier, Smallsword, Dueling Sword

Ben Appel: Longsword, Rapier, Dueling Saber

John Appel: Longsword, Dueling Saber

Nick Bader: Longsword

Fred Bailor: Smallsword

Patrick Bergin: Longsword

Isaiah Boden-Payne: Longword, Rapier

Ben Boro: Rapier

Alex Brady: Longsword 

Stephen Clement: Rapier, Dueling Sword

Stephanie Clendenen: Longsword

Jon Deemer-White: Longsword

Kendrick Doolan: Longsword 

Jon Foor: Rapier

John "Jay" Glenn: Rapier, Smallsword,  Dueling Saber, Dueling Sword

Lauren Kandt: Longsword

Bennett Lacy: Smallsword

Stuart Lacy: Longsword, Saber

Tim McClennen: Longsword

Marcelo Navarrete: Longsword

Ralph Pemberton: Rapier, Smallsword, Dueling Sword
Pat Rafferty: Rapier, Smallsword, Dueling Sword

Greg Rozanski: Longsword

Airrion Scott: Rapier, Smallsword, Dueling Saber

Michael Sharp: Rapier, Smallsword

Clint Slocum: Rapier

Jon Toebbe: Longsword, Rapier, Dueling Saber
Larry Tom: Longsword, Rapier, Smallsword, Dueling Saber, Dueling Sword 

Logan Torres: Smallsword

Ryan Vreeland: Longsword

Floyd Werner: Longsword
Lynette Whitt: Rapier

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